Drywall Services: Tray Ceilings

Tray ceilings can add depth to a room and give ceilings a unique architectural design. In addition to making rooms appear more spacious, tray ceilings provide a focal point for chandeliers, ceiling fans, dropped lights and skylights. If you are an artist, a tray ceiling can even serve as the canvas for your own work of art, as the Sistine Chapel did for Michelangelo’s masterpiece. Often found in homes with elevated ceilings, tray ceilings can be added to homes with eight-foot ceilings as well.

  • Tray ceiling design
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Tray Ceiling Design

Tray ceilings vary in height and design. Tray ceilings are typically recessed, with vertical or angled steps or tiers leading to the ceiling. Vaulted tray ceilings, for instance, have deep, angled walls running from the last step to an elevated ceiling above.

Tray ceiling steps are often painted to match the walls of the room. The underside of steps and the ceiling is typically painted white or a shade or two lighter than walls, to further give a sense of depth to the tray ceiling. Crown moulding with concealed lighting commonly accents tray ceilings and emits a soft glow to create atmosphere and further give the appearance of added depth.

Tray Ceiling Installation

Tray ceiling installation begins with framework, as steps are framed from walls to the ceiling. Once framed, steps are ready for drywall installation and drywall finishing, which follows this three-step process:

  • Tape: Drywall tape covers the seams and gaps left between drywall sheets.
  • Block Coat: First coat of joint compound applied over the drywall tape.
  • Skim Coat: Final layer of joint compound applied over the block coat. Numerous skim coats are needed for repair work.

After finish work is completed, walls are sanded, primed and painted.

Tray ceiling installation requires framing knowledge, drywall experience, finish carpentry skills and electrical skills. To achieve the best results for your tray ceiling, contact Glenn Construction.

Our Tray Ceiling Design & Installation Services

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